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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about GetReminded, including how to edit reminders, what to do if the app won’t open, and our commitment to your privacy.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, see the Get Help page, get in touch by email or complete this short survey form.

What is GetReminded?

With a free GetReminded account, you can store and manage the expiry dates of all personal and household service contracts, plans, policies and identity documents. These are critical documents that must be renewed, usually one or a few years in the future, which is why so many people just pay their incumbent provider at the last minute without taking some time to shop around.

You will receive a series of notifications and email reminders before the expiry date. These often include relevant advertiser offers so you can start shopping around for a new provider straight from the app.

Download* the FREE app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or sign up on the website. Your account is accessible from any device at any time with one login.

* Available in these country's app stores as at January 2023: Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Ireland, India and Singapore.

What sort of reminders can I setup?

Set reminders for the following recurring service contract, identity document or event:

- Mobile/cell smartphone plan (the expiry date may be the best time to upgrade to a new plan)
- Electricity and gas plans (expiry date is time to get a new plan)
- Insurance policies (i.e. home contents, building, compulsory third party, car, motorbike & caravan)
- Bills like weekly rent, monthly loan repayments, or quarterly rates
- Vehicle registration and car/boat/pilot/etc. licence (failure to renew on time incurs penalties)
- Passport and travel Visa/entry passes (failure to renew on time incurs penalties)
- Home loan (interest rates can change regularly so review at least annually)
- Personal/car loan (due date to get a new loan)
- 0% credit card (expiry date of 0% interest period)
- Internet and Streaming TV subscription (review date to check if worth continuing to pay)
- Gift card/voucher expiry
- App and software subscription
- Pet health and checkups
- Personal health annual checkup
- Birthdays and anniversaries
- Memberships
- Taxes due

Got any ideas for more? Email us at [email protected].

How does GetReminded work?

1. Create a free account
2. Choose the Category to set up a reminder
3. Choose a sub-category/provider/type from the dropdown lists
4. Add a brief description of the reminder item (not mandatory)
5. Enter the amount it costs each week/fortnight/month/etc. (not mandatory)
6. Enter the expiry date (or a review date if no actual expiry) and click 'Create'

After setting up reminders, a series of in-app notifications and emails are sent within 60 days* of the expiry date. Alerts may include relevant advertiser offers, giving you time to shop around to make a more informed purchase decision.

* Passport alerts start 8 months before the expiry date as many countries require 6 months validity to enter.

Why do I need GetReminded?

When a recurring annual or multi-year service contract expires, such as your mobile/cell phone plan or an insurance policy, you are at risk of paying much more than you should if you don't take the time to compare the market and find out what is the best price product for your needs today. Energy contracts are particularly bad as they will default to a higher rate when the original contract lapses.

There are high costs for renewing a lapsed car registration and licence, whilst no one wants their passport to expire and endure the time and cost of getting a new one issued.

GetReminded is the app that stores all your critical expiry/due dates in the one place. Putting you in control and ultimately helping you to save money!

Why use GetReminded instead of default smartphone reminder apps?

The basic smartphone calendar app is best for setting one-off reminders to buy milk, book an appointment, or call your mum. But it lacks useful functionality when it comes to managing your finances.

GetReminded has been built to store the expiry (or review) dates of recurring financial commitments and personal identity documents. Custom features of the app include:
✔️ Dashboard showing all personal and household financial commitments
✔️ Receive synchronised in-app and email notifications
✔️ Receive multiple alerts so you don't swipe one away and forget about it
✔️ Overview of all expenses shown in the Costs tab
✔️ Filter reminders by Category
✔️ 'Smart' alerts with links to deals from relevant advertisers (where available)
✔️ Start shopping around straight from the app

The app helps you take back control of personal and household expenses by alerting you to check prices before renewing a contract/plan and pay on time a personal identity document.

How do I set up recurring bill reminders - i.e. weekly/fortnightly/monthly/quarterly/6 monthly

Follow these steps to set up reminders for recurring bill payments:
> Select 'Bills' category
> Select frequency cycle (Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly / Quarterly / 6 Monthly)
> Select relevant Payee option (rent, utilities, subscription, other, etc.). If Other selected, write the Payee description in the extra free format field.
> Enter the amount paid per frequency cycle
> Add the NEXT payment due date (e.g. for Weekly reminders enter date within NEXT 7 DAYS; for Fortnightly reminders enter date within NEXT 14 DAYS; and so on.)
> Reminders will auto rollover so you only need to set this up once :)

Why can't I set my reminders to 'repeat'?

GetReminded works differently from standard reminder and calendar apps that have 'repeat' reminder functionality.

Our reminders roll over automatically by a predetermined time period depending on the reminder type, so there is no need to set them as 'repeat'.

All short-period reminders are found in the 'Bills' category. This is specifically for recurring bill payments that must be paid on a short-term schedule of one week/fortnight/month/quarter.

For example, a reminder set as 'Bills > Weekly bill > Rent' will auto roll over 7 days from the due date so there's no need to manually edit. A Monthly due date would roll over automatically to the same date the following month.

All other Categories have annual rollover periods as they are for multi-year contracts like energy, insurance, loans, mobile phone, passport, vehicle registration, etc.

Why doesn't GetReminded have a 'snooze' option?

This is another function where the app is different to default reminder and calendar apps.

Instead of a 'once only' alert sent to your phone and email (as default apps do), GetReminded sends a series of notifications in the app and by email on a predetermined countdown to the expiry (or review) date that has been entered into the app. We have selected the countdown notification days on the basis that gives our users plenty of time to take action before the expiry or review date.

How do I edit or delete a reminder?

Open the app, click the 'Edit' link at the top of each reminder, or the 3 dots if you want to 'delete' the reminder.
In 'Edit' mode you can change any details including the Provider/Purpose, Description, Cost and Expiry date.

As a courtesy, unless you have updated the expiry date, we will continue to provide reminders based on the pre-set rollover period.

How do I use GetReminded if I don't have a fixed 'expiry date'?

The GetReminded app is ideal for non-expiring plans that are usually paid automatically by direct debit.

Simply enter a REVIEW date that is relevant to the service you want to be reminded to do a price check. Use the alerts to check you are still paying a competitive price and/or getting value for money; such as for a home loan with a variable interest rate, or a recurring subscription payment that has no fixed end date.

What is the 'Costs' tab in the app?

When setting up reminders, you have the option to include the amount being paid for the service that you are setting a reminder to renew/review. Those costs can be paid on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or longer schedule.

The total annual cost for all your reminders is calculated and displayed in the 'Costs' tab in the smartphone app*. It's a simple and effective way to calculate how much money is spent on energy, loans, mobiles, insurance, etc. that helps with budgeting and where to find possible savings :)

(* This function is currently not available in the web app version.)

What do we do with your personal information?

Your personal information will never be shared with any third party. GetReminded does not share the user data we collect with other companies for the purpose of tracking our users across other apps and websites.

We collect a minimum amount of information required to activate your reminder, which is not personally identifiable data as defined in section 6(1) of the Australian Privacy Act 1988. The app is compliant with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

How secure is my personal data?

The GetReminded database is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that encrypts data in motion and at rest, and encryption at rest uses AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard).

GetReminded does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) that could be used collectively to identify a specific individual. Mandatory data to create an account are:
First Name - users can choose any name they like
Email - this can be masked if using the Apple ID 'Hide My Email' function (and potentially other methods if/when introduced by Google and Facebook).

What is the 'No Spam Guarantee'?

GetReminded has a 'No Spam Guarantee'. This means we don't send unsolicited and irrelevant offers promoting goods and/or services from unrelated third parties. Instead, you will only see offers from our partners that are contextual to the reminder purpose.

Also, we will occasionally send administrative messages about platform updates or managing your account.

How do I delete my account?

In the app, go to the 'Settings' tab, scroll down to the bottom to the "DELETE ACCOUNT" link. Click the link and your account will be deleted from our database.

Troubleshooting tips!

Follow these troubleshooting tips if the app is not working properly, such as won’t open or repeatedly asks you to log in. Often these issues can be caused by the app not synching with the phone software version or the stored login credentials. We suggest trying these steps:

1. Shut your phone down. After restarting, try opening the app and logging in.

2. If that doesn't resolve your issue, delete the app completely from the phone, re-install and then log in. Don't worry all reminders are safely stored and will reappear after login.

For further assistance email us at [email protected]. Include your device info (iPhone or Android) and software version.

Note: If you need to access your reminders immediately, login on the website whilst the app issue is being investigated.