Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about GetReminded. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please get in touch by email or send feedback here.

What is GetReminded?

We are a free service to store the expiry date of a contract, plan, policy or service that you need to renew in the future. GetReminded will email a reminder well before the expiry date, including relevant advertiser offers so you can save money when you renew - or avoid a financial penalty for not renewing on time.

What sort of reminders can I setup?

There are many different reminders available now, with more to come after we launch our mobile app in September 2018.

Reminders you can set up to receive before a document or validity period expires:
- Mobile phone plan [pre or post-paid]
- Electricity and gas plans
- Insurance policies [home contents, buildings, car, CTP, motorbike & caravan]
- Car registration and Drivers license
- Passport and Visa
- Frequent flyer points
- Interest-only and Fixed Interest loans
- Buy now, pay later loans
- 0% credit card balance transfer
- Internet and Pay TV [streaming services]
- App and software subscriptions

It's a busy life so it's easy to forget to renew a contract or check you're still getting the best deal from a provider/issuer. That's why you need GetReminded - it's the way to never overpay.

How does it work?

GetReminded is 100% FREE to use. Forever.

After you register and set up one or more reminders, you will receive reminder emails in the period before the expiry date of the nominated contract, plan, policy, or service. The email will include relevant advertiser offers so you can decide if there is a better deal you could be getting. This makes it easy to decide what's the best way to save money right at the time you need to purchase again.

Can I use GetReminded if I don't have an expiry date for a particular service?

Of course. We have included the option to choose 'Review date' instead of 'Expiry date'. This basically means you are setting an alert to check with your service provider that you are still getting the best deal on things such as a pre-paid mobile plan or month-to-month energy account.

You should however find our car rego, drivers license and passport reminder most useful.

Why do I need GetReminded?

When a service contract expires, such as your mobile phone plan, you may continue paying for the handset even though it has been 'paid off'. Energy contracts are also known to default to a higher rate when the original contract lapses.

There are severe financial penalties for a lapsed car rego and drivers license, whilst no one wants their passport to expire.

GetReminded enables you to stay in control of these documents and save money by never overpaying again.

How do I renew a reminder?

Login to your Dashboard, click the 'cog' icon in the top right corner of the relevant tile, click the 'Edit' option and change the expiry to a new future date. Also, you can edit the Provider if you have found a better deal elsewhere!

Follow these steps to also delete a reminder if required. As a courtesy, unless you have updated the expiry date, we will continue to provide an annual reminder.

What do I do when a reminder has expired in my Dashboard?

When the Expiry Date or Review Date passes for one your reminders, the relevant Dashboard tile will be greyed out.

Click the 'cog' icon in the top right corner of the tile, click 'Delete', then set up a new reminder by clicking the 'Set a new reminder' tile.

What do we do with your information?

Your personal information is stored in our secure database and will never be shared with any third party. We only collect the minimum amount of information to activate your reminder but don't hold financially sensitive or personally identifiable data.

What is our No Spam Guarantee?

GetReminded has a No Spam Guarantee. This means we don't send random emails at times you don't want to hear from us. Instead, you will only receive reminder emails during the period before and/or after your nominated expiry date. We will also send you occasional administrative messages about updates or managing your account.