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The inspiration behind GetReminded

It is said that real-world experience yields the best ideas. This truism is perfectly illustrated by GetReminded.

After discovering a family member had overpaid for a supposedly ‘discounted’ energy contract that had expired and simply rolled over to a higher rate, co-founders David Wareing and Tim Nicholas quickly realised that the system disadvantaged loyal customers whilst new customers were offered lower prices to switch from another provider.

Millions of global consumers pay hundreds or thousands of dollars/euros/pounds/etc. more than they should, because they do not remember to ask for a price review or shop around with competitors.

This is what is known as the ‘loyalty tax’ that is stealthily imposed by service providers such as energy/telephone/insurance companies, banks and automated payment subscription providers.

David and Tim decided to do something to help people reduce the costs of annual contracts and policies – in fact, any financial commitment that has an expiry/due date and where on-time renewal can save money!

The free GetReminded mobile app was created with that simple objective in mind.

How GetReminded Works

After downloading the app, input the details of service contracts, policies, plans, and personal documents with the expiry dates. You can also enter the recurring dates of important family events and health-related reminders. GetReminded will send you reminders well before each renewal/due date, so you can review your options, make an informed purchase decision, and avoid paying the ‘loyalty tax’ and late fees.

The GetReminded story is just beginning. Its potential to transform how people manage their commitments and finances is beyond doubt. The founders envision the app will provide more innovative ways to assist people to reclaim control over their contractual and personal financial obligations. By doing so, they aim to empower people to make more informed choices that can save money and give them real peace of mind.

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GetReminded is based in Sydney, Australia and can be contacted on [email protected].

In The Media

The GetReminded story and benefits for consumers have been covered extensively in the media. Here is a small sample of the hundreds of media mentions GetReminded has earned.

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