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The Cost Of Living Crisis: Tips To Save Money


Rising mortgage interest rates, the war in Europe, COVID-19, unpredictable weather events, low wage growth, Brexit, supply chain disruptions – all of these factors are contributing to the cost of living crisis that is gripping the world right now.

The rising cost of everyday products and services is making it difficult for families, couples and individuals to spend less than they earn, manage their household budget, and save money.

GetReminded was created to help people save money.  Of course, there are many other ways to achieve the same result. The following online articles offer some useful tips.

Nerd Wallet – “How to Save Money: 22 Proven Ways”

(US article) List highlights:
• Prep for grocery shopping
• Get discounts on entertainment
• Bundle cable and internet (set a reminder in our app to do this when your plan expires)
• Switch your cell phone plan (store plan expiry or review date in our app)

Lifehacker –  How to Actually Achieve Your Money Goals This Financial Year

(AU article) Article highlights:
• Set mini savings milestones
• Win small to win big
• Track spending against goals

Bank of America – 8 simple ways to save money

(US article) List highlights:
• Record your expenses
• Determine your financial priorities
• Make saving automatic

HSBC – Everyday spending hacks to help you save money

(UK article) List highlights:
• Check your utility providers (shop around for the lowest cost provider)
• Cancel unnecessary subscriptions (store them in our app so you get alerts to review/cancel)
• Search for discounts (shopping around is the easiest way to start saving)

Tik Tok – Money-saving tips

Browse hundreds of TikTok short videos related to money-saving tips.

GOBankingRates – 6 Ways You Could Be Saving Money on Twitter

For Twitter users, there are many ways you can use the platform to find money-saving tips. Some ideas in this article:
• Follow Your Favorite Retailers
• Follow Coupon Accounts
• Search Hashtags

reddit – Saving Money: A Community for Thrifty People

reddit is a global online community where almost any topic attracts comments, ideas, tips and feedback. It’s a self-help supermarket that also has some excellent tips to save money.

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