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Shout To The Top: ‘Loud Budgeting’ Takes Personal Finance by Storm


Forget silent saving and quiet cutbacks (were they ever a thing?!). A new financial movement is here: loud budgeting!

Loud budgeting is the personal finance trend that rejects spending for the sake (and appearance) of spending. It does this by requiring people to talk openly about their money goals with family and friends, as a means to reject society’s pressure to ‘spend big’ all the time. This trend empowers everyone to proudly (and loudly!) declare their money goals and tactics, turning budgeting into a communal affair.

Gone are the days of awkwardly declining invitations and secretly watching (and regretting) every cent you spend. The loud budgeting trend embraces openness and transparency about your personal finances; meaning you can actually say what you’re not spending on to your friends and family so they know your budgeting.

Originally identified by TikToker Lukas Battle, loud budgeting encourages open communication about your financial aspirations, even if they involve saying “no” to unnecessary spending. It prioritises aligning your wallet with your values, rejecting societal pressures to spend just to keep up. Instead of feeling deprived, proudly articulate and stand by your choices.

This transparency can be contagious. By sharing your budgeting goals and commitments, you may inspire others to do the same and prioritise their own financial goals. Friendships can transform into supportive networks, celebrating milestones and offering encouragement (and preventative steps) when temptations arise. More open communication about money fosters genuine connections and breaks down the stigma often associated with financial struggles.

But is loud budgeting all happiness and light? Critics argue it can lead to harsh judgment or pressure from family or friends. It’s crucial to remember that personal finance is just that – personal. Share what feels comfortable and stay in a supportive environment.

When you think about it, no matter your financial circumstances, it’s a smart idea to talk to others about ways to save and spend. As part of loud budgeting we can all agree that shopping around and comparing prices is a pretty reliable way to get the best price for your personal and family needs.

Which makes GetReminded the perfect app to start a loud budgeting conversation.

Simply set some reminders to renew your insurance, mobile/cell phone and energy plan, loans and subscriptions – tell your friends and family what you’ve done – and the app will do the rest by reminding you to shop around.

Say it LOUD – Get the app. Don’t forget to save.

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