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How To Negotiate A Better Deal


Have you stopped and thought “how do I ask for a better deal from my insurer, nbn, energy or phone company?”.

The skills to negotiate don’t come naturally. Most of us simply accept the quoted price and complete the purchase as quickly as possible. Busy lives and time constraints usually prevail.

At GetReminded, we recognise this is a real problem and that people need help.

So we partnered with Victoria Devine at She’s On the Money to publish an e-Book on this sensitive topic. Click the image below to access the SOTM web page and download the free e-Book.

It’s full of handy tips and advice to make that call to your current service provider.

Visit the She’s On the Money ‘Freebies’ page to download the e-Book. And if you like this content, we recommend subscribing to their excellent podcast.


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