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The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Gift Cards Are The Ideal Christmas Present


Stressed about finding the perfect Christmas gift? If you can’t think of a suitable gift, or run out of time, don’t sweat it. Gift cards are a perfect solution for last-minute shoppers and anyone who struggles with gift ideas. They’re practical, convenient, and they show that you really do care.

Picture this: your tech-savvy niece finds a gift card from her favourite game store; your grandma loves reading romance novels and is excited with a gift card for a bookstore so she can start reading her next literary adventure; and your hard-to-buy-for brother, who seems to have everything he needs, is thrilled to receive a gift card for his favourite online clothes retailer.

Gift cards lead to a world of endless possibilities. They give the recipient total freedom to choose the gift that they truly want, from a new tech gadget, a stylish outfit, or a culinary experience. No more bad guesses, awkward returns – just pure joy and contentment.

Christmas Gift Cards  

GetReminded has partnered with Australia’s Gift Card Store to offer a range of Christmas-themed and personalised Visa and Mastercard gift cards that can be used at 37 million retailers globally.

There’s a gift card option for everyone.

1/  Looking for a gift that is truly personal and intimate? Find an awesome photo that represents your love/friendship/connection and create a lasting memory with a Personalised Mastercard Gift Card. Click the banner below and start designing your own card.

2/ Send a Mastercard Digital Gift Card same-day via SMS to a mobile/cell phone. It can be activated immediately and easily added to their preferred phone wallet – Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. Click the banner below to buy it.

3/ Choose from a range of fun and striking designs of Mastercard and Visa gift cards made especially for Christmas and different ages and genders. Click the banner below to buy.

4/ This one’s for last minute buyers! Send a same-day delivery Mastercard E-Gift Card by email. The card can be redeemed online and in store wherever Mastercard is accepted. Click the banner below to buy.

Happy Christmas Gifting

When ING Bank ran a survey about Christmas gifting, it found that 15% of Australian Christmas gift recipients don’t want or like the gift they’re given!!

If you want to avoid your loved one or friend from joining in that small but unhappy group, buy them a gift card. Make it personalised and they’ll appreciate it even more!

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the Christmas shopping frenzy, don’t fret. Embrace the power of gift cards and watch your loved ones’ faces light up with delight. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy the freedom to pick something they really want.

They’ll also appreciate you recommending the GetReminded app to set a reminder for when the gift card expires. Nothing worse than finding out it can’t be used if it’s been sitting around in a drawer – or Inbox – for too long 🙁

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