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6 Podcasts to Help You Save Money


Thinking of how to save up for rent, travel or maybe to own your first home? We’ve got 6 ways and you can do them lying down. 

They’re called podcasts.

If you haven’t realised the efficiency, accessibility and relevance of podcasts yet, now is a good time. Whether on public transport, in the shower or trying to sneak a cat nap, podcasts are one of our favourite ways to learn.

And best of all, they can help us save money. Because how to save just isn’t obvious to most of us. So we’ve curated a list of our favourite podcasters to start us off. They’re tuned in, clever, and deliver all the juicy tips without too much mental strain.

The icing on the cake? They’re totally free.

So here are 6 podcasts that can help you save money. 

She’s On The Money

Victoria Devine hosts one of Australia’s top finance podcasts. From tips on real estate to personal insurance and other life hacks, she shares where millennials often get stuck when it comes to money. What we also love is the monthly “Money Diary” episode where she speaks to a variety of individuals about their personal struggles with finances. It’s always a pleasant surprise and very relatable.

My Millennial Money

Money talk can be so serious sometimes. Glen James and John Pidgeon are the antidote. With a little humour, they give us a well-rounded look at today’s common problems with money. They’ll also tackle investments, EFTs and government policies that might affect you. Pro tip: check out their September episode called “how to save money ASAP”—it could help you get on the right track to save up for your home deposit quicker.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

We found this a straightforward approach to all things budgeting—covering interviews with people who have completely altered their relationship with saving, to cryptocurrency and budgeting in young families. A good example of their perspective is their term “YNAB broke”, which they deem a badge of honour for good saving and budgeting.

The Property Couch

If you’re saving for a property goal, who better to offer perspective than property experts Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley. They take on the fundamentals like loan structuring and how to bid at auctions. The podcast also gives us a range of lessons on passive income through investing.

Money Girl

If you hail from a publishing group called Quick and Dirty Tips, we know the advice is going to be efficient. Money Girl is a collection of short, bite-sized episodes about ruling your finances. Their goal? For you to have a richer life. So queue it up and listen your way to smarter spending.

Martinis And Your Money

We admit to falling for the premise—having your podcaster sip on a martini while she lays the financing laws on us is just too good. They introduce themselves as a financial gym, where you focus on your finances, just like you’d focus on your triceps. We recommend starting off with their episode on property called, “Real Estate with The Happy Hour Ladies”. And yes, you can have a cocktail too.

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