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Life is better with reminders

Do you know the expiry date of your insurance policies, mobile/cell phone or energy plans?  Or vehicle registration and passport? Do you periodically review automated subscription payments and loan interest rates?

With GetReminded you get alerts before the expiry or review date, making it even easier to compare prices and avoid costly late fees.

Get the app from Apple or Google Play stores. Don’t forget to save.

Why use GetReminded?

  • Save time and money
  • Don't pay 'loyalty tax' or late fees
  • Synchronised app and email alerts
  • Dashboard shows all recurring expenses
  • Cost calculator
  • Global privacy laws compliant
  • ⭐️ 4.5 from 1000+ app store reviews
  • Available in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, India & Singapore 

Lessen life's stresses

Get organised

The best app to manage recurring plans, policies and personal identity documents. Also life events and health-related reminders.

Get reminded

Numerous alerts sent via the app and email give you plenty of time to make an informed decision before renewing a service contract.

Get saving

Don’t fall for the ‘loyalty tax’ trap on service policies and plans. And never pay late fees when renewing personal identity documents.

Reminders that matter

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Set. Forget. No Regrets.

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