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Life gets a little easier

Do you know when your insurance policies expire? Your mobile/cell phone or energy plan? Your vehicle registration or passport?

Get alerts before all your critical contracts, plans and documents expire. Avoid the ‘loyalty tax’ by shopping around from the app.

GetReminded can save you money with its privacy-based, personalised app experience. Your future ‘self’ will thank you!

Set an expiry date. We'll remind you to renew.

  • Never miss a renewal again
  • Get app and email alerts
  • Stop paying the 'loyalty tax'
  • More useful than standard calendar apps
  • Beat complacency, get time to shop around
  • FREE from Apple and Google Play stores
  • 4.5 stars from 1000+ app store reviews
  • 100% privacy, can be anonymous
  • Cost calculator tracks spending
  • Get app in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK & Ireland 

Get organised

Avoid last minute renewals and risk of fines and penalties.

Get reminded

Give yourself more time to make an informed decision BEFORE you renew.

Get saving

The way to never overpay when renewing policies, plans and personal documents.

Reminders that matter

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Set. Forget. No Regrets.

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